Art March 19-23

Dream Catchers

Students will continue to work on their dream catchers. The dream catcher is a handmade craft originated from the Native American culture. The tribe made their own dream catcher to protect their newborns. People today believe that dream catcher would filter out all bad dreams and spirits, let only the good dreams and positive thoughts enter our mind.


Art March 12-16

Dream Catchers

Resultado de imagen para dream catchers

Students will continue making their Dream Catchers using yarn and embroidery hoops.

6A/B English Language Arts Mar. 12-16, 2018

• Vocabulary/Persuasive Writing: Samples and Writing Plan
• Vocabulary/Persuasive Writing: Samples and Writing Plan
• Vocabulary/Persuasive Writing: Samples and Writing Plan
• Vocabulary/Persuasive Writing: Samples and Writing Plan
• Vocabulary/Persuasive Writing: Samples and Writing Plan


Art March. 5-9

Animal Sculptures

IMG-0964 (1)

Students will continue to create 3D art. They have nearly finished creating their Animal Sculpture Projects. they will now paint the final details to make their projects colorful.


Art Feb.26 to March 2

3D Art

Students have developed their creativity by deciding what shape they want to give their sculpture. they are exploring the elements of form and color.



Physical Science- Feb 26- March 2

Topic: Motion

Reading ?’s 9.3– Due Monday, Feb 26th
Velocity vs. Time Graphing Wkst- Due Wed, Feb 28th
Motion Unit Review (see below)- Due Fri, March 2nd

Lab Report:
Acceleration Lab Report- Due Thurs, March 1st

Motion Unit Test- Friday, March 2nd



Art Feb.20-23

3D Animal Sculpture

Students will begin to paint their Animal Sculptures using acrylic paint. they will be applying the element of color to create form.


Art Feb. 12-16

3D Animal Sculptures

IMG_20180212_093253 (1).jpg

Students have finished creating basic structures for their Animal Sculptures. They will now continue to give it form by adding details with paper machê.



Art Feb. 5-9

3D Art

Students have finished making the basic shape for their Animal Bank Project. They will begin to create the decoration to enhance their projects.





Monday, January 29 (Day 6)

Slide #17 – Complete the “Organizer for Summarizing a Biography” based on what you learned from Stalin’s biography yesterday.

Slide #18 – View picture of Stalin.  Stalin was the leader of communist Russia (USSR) after Lenin.

  1. When was the Soviet Union formed?
  2. In what ways did Stalin react to those who opposed his actions?

Slide #19 – Watch “How to speak Russian”

Slide #20 –  Watch “The Cold War in 9 Minutes.”

Choose one event from the Cold War  (1940 to the late 1980’s) and illustrate in your notebook.

Tuesday, January 30 (Day 7)


Slide #21 – Watch “Who won the Space Race?”

  1. Why do you think it was so important for the US to beat the Russians into space?
  2. What space technology do you think we will see in the future?

Slide #22 – View photo of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Mikhail Gorbachev introduced changes that lead to the collapse of the USSR.

What problems were created when Mikhail Gorbachev allowed the policy of glasnost in Russia?

Slide #23 – Watch “The Chernobyl Disaster.”

  1. What are three questions you have about the Chernobyl disaster?




Slide #24 – View “Russia GDP Growth Rate” – 1995-2017

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia has tried to develop a free market economy like the USA.

Poverty and famine are still issues today. Corruption and crime has spread rapidly.

Slide #25 – View Russia’s Population Map

  1. What area does the majority of Russia’s population live?
  2. Why do you think so?

Slide #27 – View Aral Sea Photograph

Aral Sea: The Soviet Union diverted two rivers that fed the Aral Sea into the desert as irrigation for farming.  The Aral Sea has shrunk dramatically. Many areas were completely dry by 2009.

Slide #27 – View “Drying of the Aral Sea Time-lapse Video”.

Slide #28 – Watch the “Real Vladimir Putin” video (there is no sound)

Wednesday, January 31 

Vocabulary Test

Thursday, February 1 (Day 8)

Slide #29 –  Watch “Why Do Russians Love Putin.”

Russia is going through the worst recession in decades.  There has been loss of jobs, a devalued currency, and a growing poverty rate, yet the Russian people love their President.  Why?

Slide #30-#33 – Enjoy these videos on the culture and beauty of Russia!

***Last but not least!  Fill in the “L” on your KWL chart. ***

Friday, February 2

Make up whatever task you missed from previous days and review for test on Monday, February 5