6 English Language Arts Nov. 19-23, 2018



Unit 2: Family Matters, Essential Question: How Do Families Affect Us?

  • Regular activities: Sustained Silent Reading, Interactive Notebooks, Quick Writes, Classwork Questions, Reading Logs and Vocabulary
  • Students finished creating character charts for the reading, Building Bridges, last week. This week we are reading, The Right Words at the Right Time by John Leguizamo.  The students are preparing a role-play to perform based on one of the two readings.
  • No School Thursday and Friday!

Social Studies 6th grade

This short week we will start preparing our project for Discovery School’s Go Green program.  The Go Green program is an iniciative taken up by Mr. Andrew and Ms. Amy from elementary school to raise awareness for ecological and conservation issues.

With 6th grade we have decided to make a short “Promo” video informing our school members on how to help recycle and deal with waste products responsibly.

Monday:  Brainstorm Ideas on what our video could be about.  Discuss in class.  Vote on what we will do.

Tuesday:  Organize groups and distribute tasks.

Wednesday:  Work on Promo Video.

Art Nov. 19-21

Artwork presentations

greek-lesson-plans-high-school-math-worksheet-worksheets-student-centered-resources-artists-on-pinterest-printable-worksheets-high-school-6439-924 (1)

Students will be presenting their artwork this week. They will take turns to talk about what Elements and principles of Art inspired them to create their art pieces. They will also answer questions and comments from their classmates.

Social Studies 6th Grade

Monday:  Continue PowerPoint on Immigration

Tuesday:  Go over APA style citations and in text citations.  Prepare for a short research paper.

Wednesday:  Have the students choose their research paper topics and write 10 questions that they wish to answer or present in their research paper

Thursday and Friday:  Work on and finish research paper in class.

Social Studies 6th Grade

This week we will start our unit on migration.  After having done the regions of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia we have decided to move on with an issue that has gotten a lot of attention on the news and one that affects Honduras day to day.

-Monday:  Slideshow presentation on Migration

-Tuesday:  Class discussion on Migration and choosing a country to write about and analyze the specific reasons for that country’s emmigration.

-Wednesday:  Video on migration in Western Europe.  Students will have to fill out a worksheet with questions about the video to be shown.

-Thursday:  Vocabulary.com – Migration

-Friday:  Answer and Crumble game.  It is a review of our vocabulary from the previous day.