6A/B English Language Arts Sept.18-22, 2017

-Participation in Sports/Short Fiction:Alphabet City Ballet

– Short Fiction:Alphabet City Ballet/Misty Copeland

-Song Lyrics: You Can Get It If You Really Want

-MAP testing

-Review Vocabulary and Readings


Social Studies, Grade 6 / September 18 – 22


 MONDAY – we will go over the test we had last week. You need to take the test home and have your parents sign it to earn the opportunity for a test retake.

                                   TAKE NOTE: No signature – no retake!

 TUESDAY – review activity / 6A MAP exam (Math)

WEDNESDAY – Test retake

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY – Introduction to geographic terms

Art Sept 4-8

Elements and Principles of Art

Students will use their previous knowledge about Principles and Elements of Art to create informational posters. Each element will be represented by an examples cut out from a magazine.

  • Magazines and glue sticks are necessary for this project.

Art Aug. 28 – Sept. 1st

Elements and Principles of Art
Students have been introduced to the Elements and Principles of Art. The will continue to practice each one in their sketchbook. It is essential for each student to understand and recognize the importance of each element and principle, and the role they play in visual arts.

Art Aug. 14 to Aug. 18



Students will be reviewing Principles and Elements of Art through activities. They will first receive information describing characteristics of each element, and later create an example of each element or principle in their sketchbook. First they will practice using line, once they have finished they will create a color wheel using coloring pencils.

Students are required to bring their sketchbooks ASAP. Sketchbooks can be purchased at school or at any school supply store. Sketchbooks are essential for student’s organization; they are used to store and keep track of their ideas, homework, notes, and evaluations. I strongly encourage students to take care of their sketchbooks in order for them to use them for more than one school year.

Students may use the following link for interactive online activities with Elements and Principles of Art.