Art Nov. 13-17

3D Art


To explore 3D art by creating a 3D figure of an animal that can later be used to store coins using paper maché.

Students will research and design their design for their 3D Art project. Once they have decided on their design they will sketch their ideas in their sketchbook.

Each student will choose an individual design according to their skills and tastes.


Art Nov. 6-10

Warm and Cool Color Grid

Students are a concluding their Warm and Cool Color Grid Project.

Shattered Panel Project

Students have begun working on their Shattered Panel Project. They are applying the elements of Pattern and Color.

  • For those students who have finished their Shattered Panel Project, they have the option to work on a 3D Art Project by creating a soap sculpture. For this particular project they must bring a soft white soap such as Ivory or Dove.

Art Oct. 23-27

Shattered Panel Project

Students have begun to design their shattered Panel Project. They are creating interesting designs to later shatter them. They are using the element of color to create interesting patterns in each panel.


Physical Education October 23- October 27, 2017

SIXTH GRADE: During this week, the students will work on developing the following fundamental skills of VOLLEYBAL: serving, blocking and Spike. Students will put this knowledge to test in games.


Required Materials for Class:  Tennis shoes, water bottle and appropriate clothing.


Optional Materials for Class:  Bug spray, hat and sunscreen.        

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: To participate in class activities and receive full credit for the class, students need to wear appropriate clothing for P.E. class.


GOALS: We will use the word RESPECT to set the main goals for the year.


Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

Safety – The number one priority each day!

Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!


REMINDER: I would like to remind you that all students need to be dressed appropriately for the days that they have P.E. class. Students should refrain from using the following:

–  Dresses for the girls

–  Jeans (shorts or pants)

–  Crocks

–  Sandals

–  Boots



Have fun!

Candy, food, and/or gum – out of sight, out of mind!

Positive attitude!

Remain in supervised areas all the time!





Art Oct. 16-20

Warm and Cool color Grid

Students will continue to work on their Warm and Cool Color Grid Project. They will learn to differentiate warm and cool colors. They will understand the color theory and their functions. They will be using oil pastels as a medium.