Historia de Latinoamérica 1

Día Tema Tarea Fecha de entrega
Lunes La Tierra y sus características  




Jueves La Tierra y sus características  




May 21 – 26, Social Studies



This will be an exciting, creative, and “wonder”ful experience.
You will discover, research and make a presentation on one of the great wonders of the world!!! Here is what you need to know.


Research your wonder and find out the 5W’s and H of it all. This means:
1. Who found or discovered or created it?
2. What was its purpose or meaning or significance?
3. Where is/was it found?
4. When was it first found/created?
5. Why is it important/a wonder?
6. How was it discovered/created?

After the research, you will create a presentation via google slides. Your presentation should have:
1. Name of the wonder
2. Your name
3. Images (make sure you give appropriate credit)
4. There should be little to no text in your presentation as you will present to your group.
5. Do not forget to follow the rubric.

DUE DATE: Monday, May 28

RUBRIC:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1snD6U976xDuyPOW7FLEN_Y7UsUrqyxvP




Social Studies, April 23 – 27,2018


Today is your deadline to submit your travel brochure. I already have some of the brochures. Your grade will be posted on Tuesday, April 24 the latest.

You will also have the retake of last week’s test.

We will begin a new project. For this project, I will provide the cardboard needed for the project and you will need markers, crayons, and/or colored pencils. You may print from the internet as long as you cite the source, as it is part of the rubric.

This new project is due: FRIDAY, MAY 11

We will discuss the project, rubric, and expectations in class. The description and rubric can be found in the following link:


Social Studies, April 16 – 20, 2018

Hello Chicos!

This is our last week to complete the travel brochure.

Rubric – https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Mal9DZ3tX640pfEf3oXLURNrZuSJjg6fXrgb8sDKcc

Checkpoint # 2 – Tuesday, April 17

Checkpoint # 3 – Thursday, April 19

KIDSATHLETICS – Friday, April 20 from 8:00 – 12:00

Project due date – Monday, April 23  (NEW DATE)

Oceania retake test – Monday, April 23

New project – Poster. The guidelines and rubric will be carefully discussed after the test on Monday.


Week of April 9 – 13 / 6th grade – Social Studies

Hello Chicos!

This week we will work on a travel guide on Oceania.

We will also have a test on the content covered last week (date to be discussed in class and will be posted in the HW calendar)

Due date: Friday, April 20


Name of your country:

You are a travel agent. Your job is to excite people and get them interested in wanting to travel to a country. Be creative and have fun! The brochure needs to be in booklet type version (made of construction paper). And each section needs to be clearly labeled.

All information must be handwritten. You may get some pictures from the internet (i.e. flag and map).

Your brochure must contain all the following items:

  1. Front page of your booklet – name of the country and your name
  2. Index
  3. Flag of the country
  4. Map of the country – including the capital city and 3 other major cities
  5. Physical features – illustrate and write a description that includes at least 3 landforms
  6. Natural resources – list and illustrate at least 3 and explain how they are used
  7. Government – describe the type, system, leaders, etc.
  8. Places to visit – list and illustrate 3 cool places and explain the importance
  9. Climate – when would be the best time to visit? Write a description of the climate
  10. Economy – write and illustrate the country’s economic system, import and export products, literacy rate, etc.
  11. Environmental concerns – write a paragraph about some problems the environment is facing.
  12. Ethnic groups – illustrate and describe the local ethnic groups


March 5 – 9, Social Studies, grade 6


This week we will focus on general facts of Hinduism and Buddhism.

We will also continue to study facts about Asia via google classroom.

Next week, we will begin our big project (we will work for 2 weeks: March 12 – 16, and March 19 – 23) in the Information Center. If you have your device, please bring it to school. Make sure you can access your Google Drive with it.

Then we will have Semana Santa break.