Life Science- Feb 11-15

Topics: Ecosystems & Biomes and Science Fair

Biome Project- Due Wed, Feb 13th

Science Fair:
Experimental Design- Due Fri, Feb 15th (by the end of class)


Life Science- Feb 4-8

Topics: Science Fair and Ecosystems & Biomes

Food Chain Checkers

Food Chain Checkers Graphs- Due Tues, Feb 5th

Biomes Project

Science Fair:
Rough Draft Research Paper

Food Chains, Web, and Energy Pyramids- Wed, Feb 6th

Life Science- Jan 28-Feb 1

Topics: Ecosystems & Biomes and Science Fair

Owl Pellet Dissection
Section 1 Review- pg. 745 (1-3)
Energy Pyramid Model

Science Fair:
20 research notecards- Due Tues, Jan 29th
Rough Draft Research Paper- Due Fri, Feb 8th

Biome Project- Wed, Feb 13th


Life Science- Jan 7-11

Topic: Ecosystems & Biomes and Science Fair

Discover Activities
Independent and Dependent Variables for Ecosystems
pg. 708 (3)

View at least 3 videos.  Write at least 3 scientific questions. Due Fri, Jan 11th

Earthworms at Work –

Soil Profiles-

Soil Profiles-

Soil Erosion-

Soil Horizons-

Carbon dioxide and oxygen-


Legume roots-

Acid Rain and Plants-

Decomposition in Temperate Rainforest-

Competition in the Rainforest-

Life Science- Dec 10-14

Topic: Human Body Systems

Neuron Coloring
Neuron Ball Game

Neuron Worksheet- Due Tues, Dec 11th
Section Assessment- Due Wed, Dec 12th

Nervous System Quiz- Thurs, Dec 13th

Take Home Test:
Crosscutting Concepts Essay- Due Fri, Dec 14th (see rubric below)

Life Science

Human Body System Unit

Cross Cutting Concept

Summative Essay Assignment

10 points

Cross Cutting Concepts are the BIG IDEAS throughout all of science.  These BIG IDEAS can be applied in multiple science topics.  In our unit, we have focused in on how human body systems demonstrate three of these Cross Cutting Concepts- 1) systems and systems models, 2) stability and change, and 3) structure and function.   Choose one of these Cross Cutting Concepts.  You will write one essay on the one Cross Cutting Concept you choose.  The essay should be at least one page long and can be typed or hand-written.  This will be worth 10 points, as a part of your test part of your grade.  If you wish, you may complete a second or third essay that will be added as extra credit to your homework part of the grade.


The structure of the essay should follow this format:  1)  an introductory paragraph which explains what is the Cross Cutting Concept.  2)  body paragraphs that provide the examples of the Cross Cutting Concept in the human body systems.  3)  a conclusion paragraph.


  Poor Average Excellent
Explanation of the Cross Cutting Concept The explanation of Cross Cutting Concept is unclear.

(0 point)

The Cross Cutting Concept is accurately described. (2 points) The Cross Cutting Concept is fully and accurately described. (4 points)
Examples from Human Body Systems Examples used are inaccurate and do not apply to the Cross Cutting Concept.  (2 points) A few examples of multiple human body systems are used to clearly demonstrate the Cross Cutting Concept.  OR  Multiple examples are used from a single human body system to clearly demonstrate the Cross Cutting Concept.  (4 points) Multiple, detailed examples from multiple human body systems are used to clearly demonstrate the Cross Cutting Concept. (6 points)

Life Science- Dec 3-7

Topic: Circulatory & Nervous Systems

Circulatory System Coloring
pg. 556 (1 a and b); pg, 559 (1-3; 5-7; 11-13; 18)

pg. 543 (1 a and b; 2 a and b)- Due Tues, Dec 4th
pg. 543 (2 c; 3 a and b; 4 a and b)- Due Wed, Dec 5th

Circulatory System Quiz- Fri, Dec 7th