Life Science- Jan 15-19

Topic: Plant Systems

Seed Dissection
Plant Classification Venn Diagram
Flower Dissection

Section 2 Assessment- pg. 260- Due Wednesday, January 17th
Watch and describe the characteristics of the two types of plants (login: dsoffice; password- dsteacher2017)- Due Thursday, January 18th
Pollination Wkst- Due Monday, January 22nd


Life Science- Dec 11-15

Topic: Human Body Systems

pg. 630 (1-3)- Due Mon, Dec 11th
Neuron Worksheet- Due Wed, Dec 13th
Nervous System Review- Due Thurs, Dec 14th

Nervous System Quiz – Thurs, Dec 14th

Take-Home Test/Culminating Project:
Human Body Systems Cross Cutting Concepts Essays- Due Fri, Dec 15th

Life Science- Oct 23-27

Topic: Human Body Systems

Respiratory System Coloring
Pg. 572 (4 and 5)

pg. 473 (2)  –  6A- Due Tues, Oct 24th
6B- Due Mon, Oct 23rd
pg. 572 (1)- Due Wed, Oct 25th
HW- pg. 572 (2 a-c ; 3 a and b)- Due Mon, Oct 30th

Lab Report:
Respiratory Rate Lab Report (see requirements below)

Respiratory Rate Lab Report

25 points

Question- Write the question that you are attempting to solve in with this experiment.  (3 points)
Hypothesis- Write a hypothesis state to describe the relationship between respiratory rate and activity level. (4 points)
Procedure:  Write a step-by-step procedure to describe the experiment that you performed.  (6 points)
Data:  Display your data in a well-labelled data table. (6 points)
Conclusion:  Verify or falsify your hypothesis statement based on data.  Also address the questions that you are attempting to answer through this experiment.  (6 points)