Life Science- May 27-31

Topic: Genetics

Genetics Interactive Websites-
Test Cross Worksheet
Goat Family CER

Punnett Square Worksheet- Due Wed, May 29th
pg. 140 (16, 22-24)- Due Thurs, May 30th
Genetics Review- Due Fri, May 31st

Paper Pets- due Mon, May 27th (at the end of class)

Genetics Test- Fri, May 31st

Life Science- May 20-24

Topic: Genetics

Unimonster Activity

Discover Activity- pg. 110- Due Mon, May 20th
Watch Videos & Complete Mendel’s Experiment Activity- Due Wed, May 22nd,9,10,11,12,13,14/1850
Finish Vocabulary Flipcards- Due Thurs, May 23rd

Project: Paper Pets

Life Science- May 13-17

Topic: Cell Division

Meiosis Wkst.

Mitosis Wkst- Due Tues, May 14th
pg. 130 (1 and 2)-Due Thurs, May 16th
Cell Division Review- Due Fri, May 17th

Mitosis Model Project (see rubric below)- Due by the end of class on Mon, May 13th

Cell Division Test- Fri, May 17th

Life Science- May 6-10

Topics: Life Cycles & Cell Division

Onion Root Tip Mircoscopic Viewing
Reading Guide
Brain POP Video & Quiz

Life Cycle Review  (see below)- Due Mon, May 6th
pg. 102 (1)- Due Fri, May 10th

Mitosis Models (see rubric below)- Due Mon, May 13th (at the end of class)

Life Cycle Test- Mon, May 6th


Life Cycle Unit Review

  • Define life cycle.
  • Using the terms – reproduction, death, growth, and birth – make a generalized life cycle.
  • Differentiate between asexual and sexual reproduction.
  • Define the following terms: meiosis, mitosis, gamete, spore, fertilization
  • During the plant’s life cycle, the sporophyte stage reproduces in what way?
  • During the plant’s life cycle, the gametophyte stage reproduces in what way?
  • In order for sexual reproduction to occur, organisms must go through meiosis. Explain why.
  • At the end of the meiosis process, the cells only have one copy of the DNA. What are these cells called?
  • What is a zygote? How is it formed?
  • As a result of sexual reproduction, each parent gives the offspring ________ of its DNA, resulting in the offspring having _________ of DNA. The cells at the end of this process are called

** Skill- Interpretation of the life cycles.  See Life Cycle Worksheet for samples.

Life Science- March 25-29

Topics: Science Fair and Populations & Communities

Science Fair Packet- Presentation Outline
Display Board
Practice Presentation

Science Fair Packet- Display Board Planning Sheet & Print Pictures- Due Mon, March 25th
Type Purpose, Hypothesis, Data Table, Variables- Due Tues, March 26th
pg. 718 (2)- Due Mon, March 25th
pg. 718 (3)- Due Thurs, March 28th
Practice Presentation- Tues, March 26th- Sun, March 31st- Each day
Print Research Paper and Place in Folder & Display Board Complete- Mon, April 1st

Science Fair Presentations: ** Students must bring dress clothes for the day of the presentation and the day of Science Fair
Adriana, Gabriel, Florencia, Isabel- Mon, April 1st
Yahani, Michelle, Sharon, Andres- Tues, April 2nd
Sofia, Alessandra, Isabella, Cecilia- Wed, April 3rd
Camila, Nikola, Mia- Thurs, April 4th
Science Fair- Fri, April 5th- 1:30-3:00 PM

Life Science- March 18-22

Topic: Populations & Communities and Science Fair

Science Fair:
** Bring materials for the display board

Counting Population Wkst.
Mark & Recapture Simulation
Wolf Turf Game

Read pg. 714- Identify the four factors that influence population size & how they do so- Due Fri, March 22nd
Do pg. 718 (2)- Due Mon, March 25th