Art Sept. 24-28

Elements and Principlesof Art Poster


Students will finish and present their Elements and Principles of Art Poster.


Art. Sept 18-21

Elements and Principles of Art


Students will be working on a “Elements and Principles of Art Poster”. They will find examples of elements and principles of art to later paste and label them. It is very important for students to know and understand the roll these elements and principles play in art. They provide us with the tools to read, create, and organize art.

Art Sept. 10-12

Elements and Principles of Art Poster


Students will begin to work on a Elements and Principles of Art Poster that demonstrates examples of each of the elements of art (color and value, line, shape, space, texture and form) and the principles of art (balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm and movement, pattern and repetition and unity).

These are a great art resource for children to learn all the important elements and principles of art along with examples of each. These posters are a great reference tool that the children can constantly refer to, improving their understanding and skills in art.

Art Sept. 3-7

Color Wheel


Sixth grade students will create a color wheel using coloring pencils in their sketchbook.

A color wheel is a circle that shows relationships between colors.

The color wheel helps guide artist to make color choices. Students learn how to combine colors to get different hues and tints using this tool.

Art August 8-10



Welcome back!

My name is Soraya Reichmann. I have been teaching Studio Art and AP Studio Art for Middle and High School at Discovery School for the past six years. Art is my passion, and I enjoy sharing my experience with my students.

It is with sincere enthusiasm that I would like to welcome all of our students and parents to a new year at Discovery School.

How students will be assessed and evaluated:

The art score will encompass three areas:

  1. 70% Production (Class Project): Each project begins with a lesson plan where expectations and due dates are discussed as well as a project rubric. Art rubrics will encompass several areas such as: concept, creativity, originality, craftsmanship, and the application of the principles of design.
  2. 15% Written Work: Progress in sketchbook, sketches, written assignments analysis of work, quizzes and homework.
  3. 15%Classwork: Includes regular attendance, use of in-class time, effort in work, showing up to class prepared and with the proper materials, attention to lectures, attention to directions, and demonstration of respect for the teacher and classmates, and proper use of art materials.

Supplies: Aside from school provided art materials and specific requests for each grade; students should always bring to class:

1.    A Sketchbook

2.    HB Pencil

3.    An eraser

4.    A sharpener



5.    A ruler

6.    A pair of scissors

7.    Glue stick


Best wishes for a successful year!

Art May 21-25

Aboriginal MasksIMG-2158

Dot paintings are now internationally recognized as unique and integral to Australian Aboriginal Art. The simple dot style as well as cross hatching maybe beautifully aesthetic to the eye but has a far more hidden meaning and deeper purpose; to disguise the sacred meanings behind the stories in the paintings.

Students are making their own designs to decorate Aboriginal Style Masks.For more information click on the following link.


Art May 14-18

Aboriginal Mask


Students will create a dotted, colorful mask from handouts and paint them in the style of Aboriginal Dotted Art.They will use special tools and techniques to apply the element of color to create balance, and the element of shape to create harmony through the use of dotted patterns.