Art Jan. 8-12

City Skyline

Students will continue to paint their City Skylines. Students are using tempera paint and paint brushes to create the illusion of perspective. Non-linear perspective can be created in many ways. Students are using position placing and color as instruments to create non-linear perspective.


Art Nov. 13-17

3D Art


To explore 3D art by creating a 3D figure of an animal that can later be used to store coins using paper maché.

Students will research and design their design for their 3D Art project. Once they have decided on their design they will sketch their ideas in their sketchbook.

Each student will choose an individual design according to their skills and tastes.

Art Oct. 2-3

Warm and Cool Color Grid

Students will learn about the difference between warm and cool colors by creating a Warm and Cool Color Grid. They will grid a silhouette of their choice to later fill in the image using warm and cool colors. They will be using oil pastels as a medium.