Art March 19-23

Dream Catchers

Students will continue to work on their dream catchers. The dream catcher is a handmade craft originated from the Native American culture. The tribe made their own dream catcher to protect their newborns. People today believe that dream catcher would filter out all bad dreams and spirits, let only the good dreams and positive thoughts enter our mind.


Art March 12-16

Dream Catchers

Resultado de imagen para dream catchers

Students will continue making their Dream Catchers using yarn and embroidery hoops.

Art March. 5-9

Animal Sculptures

IMG-0964 (1)

Students will continue to create 3D art. They have nearly finished creating their Animal Sculpture Projects. they will now paint the final details to make their projects colorful.


Art Feb.26 to March 2

3D Art

Students have developed their creativity by deciding what shape they want to give their sculpture. they are exploring the elements of form and color.



Art Feb. 12-16

3D Animal Sculptures

IMG_20180212_093253 (1).jpg

Students have finished creating basic structures for their Animal Sculptures. They will now continue to give it form by adding details with paper machê.



Art Feb. 5-9

3D Art

Students have finished making the basic shape for their Animal Bank Project. They will begin to create the decoration to enhance their projects.


Art Jan 29 -Feb 2

Animal Bank

Students have been applying the element of form to create the structure for their Animal Bank. This week they will continue to enhance their 3D art projects by building additional parts for their project.


Art Jan. 22-26

3D Art


A three-dimensional artist, or 3D artist, work with a variety of media, and create elements for video games, 3D images, and 3D movies. 3D artists know everything about form, color, and light. You create 3D images, review and make changes according to feedback, and create models from wood, clay, and other materials. 6th grade students will receive an introduction to three dimensional art by using paper maché to create animal sculptures.


Art Jan. 8-12

City Skyline

Students will continue to paint their City Skylines. Students are using tempera paint and paint brushes to create the illusion of perspective. Non-linear perspective can be created in many ways. Students are using position placing and color as instruments to create non-linear perspective.


Art Dec. 12-15

Non- Linear Perspective


Sophie Helal ( City Skyline)


Students are creating non-linear perspective by painting a City Skyline. They will choose their favorite skyline to draw and paint using non- linear basic elements such as:

  • Position placing
  • Color variation
  • Overlapping