Art May 27-31

Non-Linear Perspective


Finish non-linear perspective project and evaluation. Students who finish non-linear perspective project can begin working on their aboriginal masks. The medium they will be using is tempera paint.

Traditional aboriginal dot paintings represent a story, generally regarding hunting or food gathering and usually have traditional aboriginal symbols embedded throughout the painting. These symbols, when explained, give a completely whole new meaning to the painting.

Art May 20-24

Non-Linear Perspective


Create non-linear perspective with the use of position placing and color. Students will create a city skyline with tempera paint and drawing paper as a medium.

Art May 13-17

Non- linear Perspective

Perspective is a system of creating an illusion of depth on a flat surface. With Non- linear perspective students do not use a horizon line and vanishing points; they rely on position placing and color variation.

Students have drawn two city skylines on drawing paper; they will now begin to add color using tempera as a medium.

Art May 6-10

Discovery School Art Exhibit

Art Exhibit

Students will be presenting their best work this Saturday May 11th. Make sure to stop by and appreciate their artworks created during 2018-2019 school year.

During this week students will mat their artwork in preparation for the art exhibit. Once they have concluded preparations they will continue working on their projects.

Non- linear Perspective

Students will draw drawing a city skyline. They will use position placing  and color to create the principle of perspective

Art April 23-26

Self- Portrait

Objective: Introduce the concept of anatomy by creating a study of facial features to later paint a self-portrait using a picture and markers.

Activities for the week: Students will apply the elements of pattern and color to their self-portraits using markers as a medium.

Students may use different patterns, they may use their devices for references and ideas.


Art April 8-12


Students have been working on the grid process to create their self portrait. They will begin to apply color and variety by creating an interesting background using different colorful patterns. They will use markers as a medium.

Art April 1-5

Self- Portrait

Objective: Introduce the concept of anatomy by creating a study of facial features to later paint a self-portrait using a picture and markers.

Students will grid and enlarge their portraits. Students can try to grid and enlarge, if they have too many difficulties they can trace later on.

Do not forget to bring a printed picture of yourself and a ruler to work in class.

Art March 25-29


Students will continue drawing anatomy studies in their sketchbook. They will focus on the whole face now.

Homework: Bring a picture of your face printed in black and white.You may include your hair, avoid including hands.


Art.March 4-8

Anatomy studies

Anatomy studies are complex. Studying the human body is highly celebrated in art.  Knowledge of the human body can be an invaluable tool for artists. Features such as hands and feet prove to be a challenge for all art students. Facial features are a good way to start understanding the complexity and the importance of making these studies. This week students will continue to perfect their skills in creating value by studying the anatomy behind the nose.