Art Nov. 19-21

Artwork presentations

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Students will be presenting their artwork this week. They will take turns to talk about what Elements and principles of Art inspired them to create their art pieces. They will also answer questions and comments from their classmates.


Art Nov. 12-16

Warm and cool color grid (Art Critique)

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After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Explain the basic components of art criticism
  • Participate in creating a basic criticism of a work of art
  • Understand how the principles of art criticism can be applied to other media


Art Oct. 22-26

Prehistoric Art


Objective:  Discuss artworks

Students will present their artwork using their evaluations as guides for their presentations. Students will participate in art critiques making constructive comments and observations about their classmates’ artwork.

Art. Sept 18-21

Elements and Principles of Art


Students will be working on a “Elements and Principles of Art Poster”. They will find examples of elements and principles of art to later paste and label them. It is very important for students to know and understand the roll these elements and principles play in art. They provide us with the tools to read, create, and organize art.

Art Sept. 10-12

Elements and Principles of Art Poster


Students will begin to work on a Elements and Principles of Art Poster that demonstrates examples of each of the elements of art (color and value, line, shape, space, texture and form) and the principles of art (balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm and movement, pattern and repetition and unity).

These are a great art resource for children to learn all the important elements and principles of art along with examples of each. These posters are a great reference tool that the children can constantly refer to, improving their understanding and skills in art.