Life Science- Sept 4-8

Topic: Life Science

Conclusion Wkst.-
6A- Due Tues, Sept 5th
6B- Due Mon, Sept 4th
Scientific Method Review Wkst- Due Thurs, Sept 7th

Lab Report: Bread Mold Lab Report- Due Mon, Sept 11th (Requirements below)

Bread Mold Lab Report Requirements
40 points

This lab report may be handwritten or typed. The front page should include your name and a title “Bread Mold Lab Report.” Then it should continue with the report. (There should not be a single title page.) Each internal section should be titled. Be sure to read over your report and correct grammar and spelling errors. All information should be in sentence format (except for the table in the data section). You will use your notes from class as a rough draft.
Observation: Using qualitative observations, describe the bread mold observed in class. These should be the observations made at the very beginning of this lab. These are what cause you to ask your scientific question. (3 points)
Question: What scientific question are you trying to answer in this lab? (3 points)
Hypothesis: Using an “if… then” format, write a hypothesis, including the specific condition being tested and a possible, measureable result. (6 points)
Control/Variable: List the manipulated variable, responding variable, and all control factors in the experiment. (4 points)
Procedure: In a step by step format, with numbers to indicate each step (ex: Step 1… Step 2), write all instructions to complete your experiment. (8 points)
Data: In a table format, record all data taken from the lab. Be sure to label the chart clearly and include all units (ex: cm, grams). (8 points)
Conclusion: Using information from the data, refer back to the hypothesis stating if it was verified or falsified and why. (8 points)


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