Life Science- March 13-16

Topic:  Plants

Project: Plant Classification Book- Due Mon, March 20th

Plants have amazing characteristics that make them adaptive to a variety of environments: hot, cold, wet, dry, high elevation, windy….  Within the plant kingdom, the numerous characteristics allow a variety of plants to obtain nutrients and water, reproduce, and otherwise interact with the environment.  The purpose of this project is to observe plants a little more closely to see some of these characteristics.

Armed with your sketch book and pencil, head out into an environment (around the school, your home, a park…).  Look around at the plants, make sketches of various features of plants environment- stems, leaves, fruit, cones, flowers, fronds, spores, seeds, etc..  Also, take detailed observations of the features about which you are focusing.  Based on these characteristics, you will classify your plant.

How will you be graded:

For 5 plants:

  • Sketches of plant details (stems, leaves, fruit, cones, flowers, fronds, spores, seeds, etc.)- Multiple sketches of a plant may be taken to show these details.  (2 points per plant)
  • Observations- details about the structures of the plant, especially those that help you determine which plant it is (3 points per plant)
  • Type of plant (Which phyla?- bryophyte, tracheophyte , gymnosperm, or angiosperm) and why you determine this (2 points per plant)

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