Language Arts February 27-March 3

6th graders have been independently reading their switched book and answering discussion questions using  their comparative skills in analyzing and evaluating from the information of their previous book.  This makes for a better class discussion on the sub-theme and conflicts in the books.

Students are continuing their Black History Tweets in which they tweet a quote from their assigned figure from Black History.  The students like this assignments and discuss the quotes and relate how these quotes are relevant to current events today.  We will continue this tweeting in March for Women’s History Month.  Students who have been assigned a woman will keep her and others will be assigned a woman who impacted society to tweet out her quotes.

We are also starting an essay writing component where students take all of their analytical skills and lesson of persuasion, to write a persuasive essay on an agreed topic.

There will be a test this week on Prefixes/Suffixes and a layered vocabulary quiz on Wednesday and Thursday.  Homework will be assigned if student do not complete their in-class assignment.

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