Life Science- Jan 23-27

Topic: Populations & Communities

Territory Game
Ecological Niche Coloring
pg. 725- Analyzing Data
Natural Selection Coloring

pg. 718 (2 and 3)- Due Mon, Jan 23rd
Limiting Factors Game Graph & Questions  (see below)- Due Tues, Jan 24th
Read pg. 726-727- Describe what is an adaptation and why they are important for prey & predators- Due Fri, Jan 27th


Limiting Factors Game Questions:

  1.  What were the potential limiting factors in this game?
  2.  How did these limiting factors impact the growth of the population?
  3.  If you died at some point in this game, what specific factor were you lacking?
  4.  When did limiting factors impact the population more- when the population was large or when the population was small?  Use situations from this game to explain your reason for this answer.
  5.  Explain how carrying capacity impacted the growth of the population.

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