NPH Giving Tree


Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) is an international organization

that takes in abandoned and orphaned children, providing a home and education. Here in

Honduras, the NPH organization provides for over 500 children in at large ranch near La Venta

and home in Tegucigalpa for severely handicapped children. While many children at the ranch

have aunts, uncles, or grandparents that come to visit them and can provide some Christmas

gifts, some children at a ranch have no family to visit. It is these children, whom we would like

to provide for this Christmas. In the main office, a NPH Giving Tree will be set up. If you wish to

participate, choose a paper tree that has a child’s information about his/her size for shoes and

socks. Purchase the new items and return them, unwrapped, to Mrs. Agurcia’s Room (Rm. 7) by

Wednesday, December 7th, with the tree tag taped to it. Thank you for giving this Christmas!

If more information about NPH’s work in Honduras, please visit

and watch

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