Language Arts October 31-November 4


Student are completing note-cards for their life science topic on finding more facts and information for their research report.  Students will get more information center time to search for more information to put on their note-cards.  After enough facts and information have been gathered, students will begin the research writing part for the science fair.  It is better to have lots of facts and information than to have too little.

6th graders have also started their vocabulary unit and will continue with this exercise every day until the end of the year.  They will have bi-weekly quizzes and encouraged to incorporate these words into their speech and writings.  There will be a vocab quiz on Friday.

At the end of the week, those participating in the ABSH Speech competition will compete (present their speech) in-class to determine who will represent 6th grade and go head-to-head with the 7th grade winner to determine who’ll represent Category B for the competition in February.  Teachers will be judging this in-class competition.

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