Art Sept 26-30

Students will finish their Warm and Cool Color Oil Pastel Project. Once students have finished their projects they will begin to study Prehistoric Art.


Prehistoric Art Project

Lascaux painting

Students will learn about Prehistoric Art  by creating a replica of cave art found in  Lascaux and Altamira, we will also look at typical symbols of animals & hunters drawn by cave artists.Using pastel chalk pastels (similar to earth pigments–earth tones only) students will to draw an image/ or images that tell a prehistoric story. We will use this technique to communicate ideas as they did in the past.


Discovery School has been invited to take part in the ABSH ART FESTIVAL “Rhythm of the arts” that will be taking place in “Escuela Internacional Sampedrana”  October 21st and 22nd.  Notes will be sent home for any students that wish to participate.


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