Life Science- Sept 26-30

Topic: What is Life? Chapter 2, Sections 1, 3, and 4

Microscope Practice
Cell Model

Pasteur’s Experiment Wkst- Due Mon, Sept 26th
Microscope Coloring- Due Tues, Sept 27th
Cellular Organelles Graphic Organizer- Due Thurs, Sept 29th
What is Life? Review- Due Mon, Oct 3rd

Microscope Quiz- Wed, Sept 28th

What is Life? Test- Tues, Oct 4th

Language Arts Sept. 26-30

6th graders are continuing developing their skills on inference, predicting, drawing conclusions and summarizing; skills needed not only for language arts but for their life science class.  Towards the end of the week, we’ll going over developing a topic statement, similar to making a hypothesis and write an introduction paragraph for their bread mold experiment they have recently complete in life science.  These are challenging skills but the 6th graders up for it and are starting the see the connection between these skills and lessons in life science.  There will be a test on Thursday on these 5 skills.  For homework, they will have a skills review on Wednesday.

Please encourage your 6th graders to read.  We have voracious readers in the 6th grade class.  Some students are reading their 4th self-selected book and others are on their second.  Whenever and where ever your child has free time, encourage them to read their book or any other book not assigned for school.

Español (26 al 30 de septiembre)

Día Tema Tarea Fecha de entrega
Lunes, martes y miércoles La lectura: etapa estructural Realizar los ejercicios ortográficos de las páginas 14 y 15.  Martes 27 de septiembre.
Jueves Biblioteca Terminar el círculo literario de la lectura semanal. Viernes 30  de septiembre.
Viernes Ortografía ——————–

HISTORIA DE AMÉRICA LATINA I (26-30 de septiembre de 2016)

Los alumnos de sexto grado  A y B estudiarán la Migración  en los inicios del hombre en América. Harán investigaciones y diferentes actividades en clase.

Siempre recuerda revisar: El blog de tu grado a diario y así ver cual es el contenido, tareas y/o proyectos, y fechas de tus pruebas y/o de tus clases. Tus calificaciones en: por lo menos tres veces a la semana, para estar informado de los avances académicos que estén logrando.


Physical Education September 26-30, 2016


September 26 – 30, 2016


– No dresses for the girls

– No jeans

– No crocks

– No sandals

– No boots

-No Converse  (All Stars) tennis shoes

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Children who are not wearing the appropriate clothing for the class, will not be allowed to participate in P.E. class, and will receive no credit for the day, unless of course, there is a valid excuse.

Goals:  We will use the word R. E. S. P. E. C. T. to set the main goals for the year.

R – Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

E – Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

S – Safety – The number one priority each and every day!

P – Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

E – Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

C – Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

T – Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!


  1. Have fun!
  2. No candy, food, and/or gum!
  3. Positive attitude!
  4. Don’t leave supervised areas!

Sixth Grade – During this week we will have a basketball game test. Free throw evaluation and layups.



Week of Sept.26-30, 2016

Mon. Sept.26, 2016 L.2.6 Solving Multiplication  and Division to solve equations

Online tutor

HW: P.2.6 #s 1-12 all



Sept.27, 2016

L.2.6 Solving Multiplication  and Division to solve equations

Online tutor

HW: P.2.6 #s 13-28 even



Sept.28, 2016




Thurs. Sept.29, 2016 REVIEW WITH KAHOOT

Sept.30, 2016

QUIZ L.2.4-2.6



IXL is also a part of the students’ weekly homework assignments. Each student must complete the assigned IXL activities during the week. This will be checked every Sunday evening. This week the students must complete: IXL SKILLS AS CLASSWORK


Do you want to improve your MAP scores?

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