22-26 August Language Arts

6th graders will be finishing up their early 20th century one-room school house designs.  They are learning that collaborative learning is not a new concept but one that has been used repeatedly over time.  Based on their research on the one-room school house they are using Minecraft to create their interpretation of this school house on their mobile devices.  For those who are not Minecrafters, they are sketching out their concept on the one-room school house and sharing their ideas with the Minecrafters.

This week, the students will also begin their first book for the year.  This is a self-selection based on middle school transition and all of the conflict that comes with that.  In addition, students will map out the plot of their selection and conduct a lot of pre-loading strategy activities before they actually begin reading.  There will be no text/quiz and the homework assigned will be due on Tuesday.


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