MUSIC 6 (Aug. 15 -19)

This week we will start talking about Honduran Folklore.

  1. They will create an ACROSTIC with the word folklore to hang as decoration in the music room
  2. We will talk about the “folkloric facts” and how to identify them in our daily activities.

To evaluate this unit, the  students will make a FOLKLORE PORTFOLIO with materials they will have to bring to class. (construction paper, scissors, markers, color pencils, pictures about folklore) DUE DATE for these materials: Friday Aug. 19

ASPECTS TO CONSIDER for this project: ( RUBRIC will be given soon) 

  • This is class work which means that at least 80% of the work most be done in class.
  • Examples of each type of folklore must be shown in the portfolio
  • All the Narrative Folklore  examples must be handwritten
  • There are four parts of the portfolio, students will present one each week like this: Friday 19 part #1, Friday 26 part  #2 and Friday Sept. 2 part #3)

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