SSL – Spanish as a Second Language

To ensure students are acquiring knowledge from the texts they are reading, on this week we will focus on reading comprehension.

 When students comprehend a text they can:

  • Evaluate and discuss ideas
  • Apply and extend these ideas to real life situations
  • Apply and extend these ideas to other texts
  • Determine and remember the most important points in the text
  • Read “between the lines” to understand underlying meanings

*Students must read everyday*

 Students can practice their reading on a daily basis by choosing a story in the following website:

HW: Homework will depend on daily exercises or activities done in class. The student will complete at home unfinished classroom exercises or activities.

*Recommended sites for this week:

…and your “tools” for daily usage:

ESL/SSL students are evaluated on a weekly basis as follows:


CONVERSATION – your overall ability to communicate in SPANISH.

Writing – your ability to communicate your ideas in well structured sentences.

FRIDAY: WEEKLY EVALUATION                                                                                                                               LESSONS & VOCABULARY – vocabulary knowledge and lesson’s comprehension.

Ms. Pía

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