Language Arts February 16-19

The literature figure exposé will be this Friday during class for both 6A and 6B.  For this week, 6th graders will have class time to work on their tri-folds for their literature figure.  They will also have time to work on their tri-fold in Art class.  If necessary, they are to bring their colored pencils or markers, glue sticks and print outs of everything they will need to enhance their tri-folds.  They will also take the most important bits of information from their essay and write this on their tri-fold.

Ms. Chrstina, the science teacher is selling used tri-folds for 20.00Lps each.  Since they have been used, students must find a way to clear the used tri-fold for their project.

The literature figure essay is due Tuesday (today) and tri-fold project is due Friday (the exposé day).  Students will get 3 grades; a grade for the essay, a presentation grade (for the tri-fold) and Art grade in art class (based on Ms. Soraya’s rubric for completing the tri-fold)


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