Life Science- 6th grade Week of Sept 7-11


Practice Test

Scientific Method Review
(6B)- Due Mon, Sept 7th
(6A)- Due Tues, Sept 8th

Lab Report:
Bread Mold Lab Report- Due Thurs, Sept 10th
(see requirements below)

Scientific Method Test- Wed, Sept 9th

Bread Mold Lab Report Requirements

Due Date – Thurs, Sept 10th

40 points

This lab report may be handwritten or typed.   The front page should include your name and a title “Bread Mold Lab Report.”  Then it should continue with the report.  (There should not be a single title page.)  Each internal section should be titled.   Be sure to read over your report and correct grammar and spelling errors.  All information should be in sentence format (except for the table in the data section).  You will use your notes from class as a rough draft.

Observation:  Using qualitative observations, describe the bread mold observed in class.  (6 points)

Hypothesis:  Using an “if… then” format, write a hypothesis, including the specific condition being tested and a possible, measurable result.  (6 points)

Control/Variable:  List the manipulated variable, responding variable, and all control factors in the experiment.  (4 points)

Procedure:  In a step by step format, with numbers to indicate each step (ex: Step 1… Step 2), write all instructions to complete your experiment.  (8 points)

Data:  In a table format, record all data taken from the lab.  Be sure to label the chart clearly and include all units (ex:  cm, grams).  (8 points)

Conclusion:  Using information from the data, refer back to the hypothesis stating if it was verified or falsified and why.  (8 points)

P.E Class this week september 7 to september 11, 2015

I Would like to remind parents to send your children dressed in an appropriate way for the days that they have P.E.class:

– No dresses for the girl

– No jeans

– No crocks

– No Sandals

– No boots

Children who are not wearnig the appropriate clothing will not be allowed to participate in P.E class.

Sixth Grade

Besides working on following instructions, we will be strengthening laterality ( right and left ,around, through it)

SEXTO (Semana del 7 al 11 de septiembre.)

Día Tema Tarea Fecha de entrega
Lunes y martes Tipos de párrafo: la introducción Escribe un párrafo introductorio sobre tus actividades favoritas. Miércoles 9 de septiembre.
miércoles Biblioteca Redacta un resumen sobre la lectura semanal asignada (Págs. 70-86). Jueves 10 de septiembre.
Prepararse para el control de lectura del día jueves.
Jueves Ortografía ——————–

DESAYUNO TIPICO – We ask our parents to collaborate with our teachers in

the organization of each classroom’s Desayuno Tipico for Friday, September 11.

This will take place during first period (8:00-8:50 a.m.).

ELA September 7-11

This week will be a short one with all sorts of activities and presentations for the students and by our students.

As you know, Friday September 11th will be a half day of school with activities centering on the Independence Holiday break. The activities of this day will be the following:

8:00 – 8:50 a.m. Desayuno Tipico (each homeroom teacher organizes a typical Honduran potluck lunch for the students.

9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Cultural Presentations (teachers and students will come to the gym to enjoy a diverse set of Honduran presentations)

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Honduran Traditional Games (Secondary students will host stations of traditional games for the Early Childhood and Elementary students. A map showing this distribution /rotation will be included in next Monday’s Memo)

*Please take note that:

  1. a) We are encouraging students to wear jeans and a Honduran or white t-shirt on this day (for those who are not involved in an Independence activity requiring them to wear a costume).
  2. b) Again, this is an early dismissal day.
  3. c) School will resume Wednesday, September 16th

6th graders were working on building writing organization along with vocabulary and parts of speech skills.  Since the week is short there will be no vocab skill building assignments or quiz but there will be a parts of speech quiz on Wednesday.  The 6th graders have their notes on the parts of speech so this not something new I will be presenting.  We will also continue with writing organization this week.  6th graders have a book assigned to read this quarter but right now I want to get some important literary elements out of the way before with begin reading the book together.  The homework for this week will be to study for the parts of speech quiz and writing organization paragraphs.

I am not opposed to any type of technology the student may in their possession (cell phone or tablets).  I prefer for them to have it since I only have one computer in my classroom.  So I want to incorporate as much technology in my lesson as possible and having students to pull out their phones or tablets to look up information or do some quick research benefits the lesson and the student.  I just want to make sure students use their devices for academic purposes and not for social media posting.  I have to find a healthy balance so all can take advantage of this technology in my class.

This week also, with all of the Independence Holiday activities mid-term grades will be made available.  I am not having mid-term type tests.  I want to give those students who have not turned in their assignments a chance to get them in to me so that I can grade it and give the parents the most up-to-date grade for their child.  Please check your students’ EnGrade account to see if any work is missing and contact me so this can get completed and graded.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me:



Write 3 sentences for each department in Honduras.

Due: Tuesday, September 8

Project: Edible Planet
Directions: Create a planet made completely out of food.


Creativity – 20%

Realism – 30 %

Oral Presentation – 20%

Written Report – 30%

DUE: SEPT. 16, 2015